Meet The Doctors

We currently have six physicians working at our two locations of Freedom Center. Each of our physicians has a different specialty in the medical field. However, they have all come together with one common interest and goal, Drug Addiction. They have all been trained and are credentialed to treat patients suffering from opiate addiction. Freedom Center and our physicians are passionate in addiction therapy and strive to help each and every patient win the battle of opioid addiction.

Dr. Gregory S. Funk, D.O.


With over three decades in the medical profession, Dr. Funk has seen the ups and downs in the managed care industry. This is one reason why Dr. Funk has chosen to branch out from his Family Practice and specialize in treating those patients with opioid addiction. Dr. Funk has seen the growing demand for this type of healthcare in the most recent years of practice.


The physician, Dr. Gregory Funk is Board Certified in Family Practice with over 30 years of medical experience. Freedom Center focuses on treating patients for opioid addiction. Opioid Addiction is a disease and can not be taken lightly. Here at Freedom Center it is our goal to cure every single patient from this sickness. The necessary steps will be taken not only by Freedom Center and Dr. Funk but the patients as well.


Dr. Funk and Freedom Center are committed to helping all patients achieve personal goals and get on the Path To Wellness.

Gregory Funk D.O., Freedom Center, Meet the Doctors
Dr. Judson K. Menefee, M.D.


Dr. Menefee is Board Certified in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. He has been in Medical Practice for more than 30 years.  


Dr. Menefee is a Texas Native, growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Upon completion of Medical School at the University of Texas, Dr. Menefee relocated to South Alabama where he has since become an established and well-respected Endocrinologist within the Medical Community.  Over the past several years, Dr. Menefee has noticed the drastic increase in not only the use but also the abuse of opioids within our society. This sparked his interest in learning more about opioid addiction disease.  Thus, he has decided to expand his horizons into this area of medicine.  


Dr. Menefee joined the Freedom Center Team in December 2013 to help treat patients dealing with opioid addiction.  Alongside Dr. Funk, he has placed a strong commitment to the well being of each patient and personally wants every patient to succeed in the battle of addiction.

Judson Menefee, M.D., Freedom Center, Meet the Doctors
Dr. Richard C. Brown, D.O.


Dr. Brown is Alabama Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is originally from Philadelphia, Mississippi. He attended and graduated medical school at Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine in Pikeville, Kentucky in 2009.   


He is currently serving the South Alabama area where he is a full time physician with South Baldwin Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is also affiliated with South Baldwin Regional Medical Center located in

Foley, Alabama.  


Dr. Brown is passionate about providing the highest quality of healthcare for his patients. Thus far in Dr. Brown’s career, he has seen a tremendous increase and the direct effects that opiates can have on patients. In his OB/GYN practice, this varies from non-pregnant women, to pregnant women, even to newborn babies. Realizing that there is an opioid epidemic in our world right now, he has decided that it is time to make a difference. Dr. Brown has furthered his medical education and is specializing in treating patients suffering from Opioid Dependency.   


Dr. Brown joined the Freedom Center Team in September 2015. Together, they are dedicated to help each and every patient overcome the battle of opioid addiction. Dr. Brown realizes that this is an ongoing, daily struggle for his patients and he is committed to help everyone achieve their personal goals and get them on a Path to Wellness.

Gregory Joy, M.D., Freedom Center, Meet the Doctors
Dr. J. Troy Richardson, M.D., MBA


Dr. Richardson is a board certified Radiologist with a specialty in Diagnostic Radiology. He has been in medical practice for more than 14 years and is currently living and working in the Atlanta area.    


Dr. Richardson attended Medical School at Meharry Medical College and graduated in 1994. From there, he completed his residency in Radiology at the University of California Los Angeles at the Drew-Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center and also at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Richardson has always been a patient advocate and is passionate about giving the highest quality healthcare possible.  Addiction treatment has always been an interest for Dr. Richardson.  In recent times he has seen the increased demand in our society for prescription drugs, especially opiates and the addiction rates drastically increase.  He has decided to further his education in medicine, specializing in treating patients suffering from Opiate Dependency.


Dr. Richardson joined the Freedom Center team in January of 2014 to help win the battle against opioid addiction.  He has a personal commitment to each and every patient that comes through the door and wants to achieve sobriety with all patients in the addiction battle.  Freedom Center alongside Dr. Richardson, are committed to help patients succeed and achieve personal goals while on the Path To Wellness.

J. Troy Richardson, M.D., Freedom Center, Meet the Doctors
Dr. Dennis W. McNally, D.O.


Dr. McNally has been a full time practicing physician for over 35 years.  He is Board Certified and specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  


Dr. McNally is originally from New Jersey.  Following college, he attended medical school at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 1979.  He began practicing medicine in St. Louis, Missourri and shortly thereafter relocated to Foley, Alabma where he opened up his own practice, South Baldwin Obstetrics and Gynecology. 


Throughout Dr. McNally’s long standing career he has been exposed to and dealt with many patients that have been affected by opioid use.  Here in the last decade he has seen a dramatic increase in the use and abuse of prescription pain medications.  He has been forced to deal with many of the problems and side effects that these opioids can have on patients and new born babies.  This has sparked an interest in Dr. McNally to broaden his horizons and he has decided to become a solution to the opioid problem. 


Freedom Center and Dr. McNally have a long term goal to help and cure as many people as possible that are dealing with the Opioid Addiction Disease.  They are committed to help each and every individual that comes through the door succeed on the Path to Wellness.  Dr. McNally has teamed up in November 2015 with Freedom Center and the other physicians to provide the best possible healthcare to all Opioid Dependent patients.   

Gregory Joy, M.D., Freedom Center, Meet the Doctors
Dr. Dustin Marmalich, M.D.


Dr. Marmalich is currently finishing post graduate training in psychiatry and neurology at the University of South Alabama. He practices at Altapointe Health Systems, as well as USA Medical Center and USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. He has a special interest in the treatment of addiction as well as addiction medicine.

Dr. Marmalich is originally from Long Beach, Mississippi. He graduated Medical School from the University of South Alabama in 2014. Within his area of practice, Dr. Marmalich has seen first-hand the devastating effects drug addiction has on his patients and their families. Thus has sprung his interest to be a part of the solution to try to fix the current opioid epidemic in this country. Dr. Marmalich’s background in psychiatry has left him well prepared to treat opioid addiction in all its’ complexity.


Dr. Marmalich is currently in the Residency program with the University of South Alabama Medical School. He is specializing in Psychiatry as well as Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Marmalich is fully committed to help each and every patient get well and achieve their personal goals. He understands that it is an important working relationship between the physician and patient in this drug treatment process. Dr. Marmalich  joined the Freedom Center Team in July 2016. Working alongside with our Team of Doctors, Dr. Marmalich strives for success with all patients in their battle with Opioid Addiction.  

Gregory Joy, M.D., Freedom Center, Meet the Doctors
Gregory Joy, M.D., Freedom Center, Meet the Doctors
Dr. Pamela Tuck, M.D.


Dr. Tuck received her medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. She completed her internship and residency at the Montgomery Family Medicine Residency Program and has been practicing in Central Alabama for over 18 years.


Dr. Tuck is a board-certified physician and member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She is a full-time Primary Care Physician and has a special interest in women’s health as well as preventative health.


During Dr. Tuck’s tenure as a physician, she has seen a drastic rise in the number of patients whose lives have been greatly affected by opioid dependency.  Seeing this epidemic first hand in her practice led her to be a part of the solution.  Dr. Tuck is an extremely passionate and caring physician and strives to help all patients struggling in the daily battle of opioid dependence. 


She has made a commitment to work together with and help each and every one of her patients achieve their personal treatment goals and get well.  Dr. Tuck joined the team at Freedom Center in September of 2017.  She is proud to be part of a great group of physicians in the fight against Opioid Dependency in the Montgomery area.